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INSTRUCTION (Horizontal)



The menu has two parts


Use the one at the top to stylize the menu and the one at the bottom to add the icons and link the buttons.


  1. To link the buttons inside the menu to a URL or a page in this Muse project:
    1. For external URL just enter the URL and do not forget to include http:// at the beginning.
    2. To link the button to the first page inside this Muse project, always enter index.html regardless of the name of your first page (if it is main, home or anything else, you need to enter index.html to have your button linked to the first page)
    3. For other pages in your project, enter the name of the page and add .html at the end of the name.
    4. For example if you have a page called pagename enter pagename.html inside the widget option panel.
    5. Keep the name of your pages simple, with no space if you wish to link the buttons to pages inside the Muse project.
  4. To change the menu button:
    1. Select the Menu button (the main menu - 4 bars at the top)
    2. Assign your image as a background in the Fill panel (just like when you assign a background image to rectangle shape or any other object in Muse), you can also change its fill and stroke color, resize it, and style it the way you want.
    3. Where you place the main button your menu button will show up in the preview, you can also pin it.
  7. To stylize the menu Select the main menu button, click on the blue circular icon that appears at the top right side of the menu button, and customize the values.
  8. To change the font & font-size, select the bottom part and change the font in the text panel. To change the font color customize the color values in the top part.